Sunday, September 10, 2017

Here and There

Just wanted to share a few fun tidbits of my life, both here  in Uganda and  home in the United States. I have been  a little bit preoccupied over the past couple of weeks with things going on back home.

First of all, there was a hurricane looming back home. It stood out to me because they named this hurricane after my sweet grandson, Harvey. Later, my daughter sent me a picture of him...

I think that during the week, while he was having a tantrum in Texas (actually he was crawling too close to a fireplace back home in Utah), he bumped his head and had to get stitches.

Our sister missionaries saw the picture of him and decided to call him Harvey Potter. I like that name better than Hurricane Harvey. They think Harvey is so lucky to have "cool" parents that "meme" his life. Haha.

We have watched this storm closely, and are praying for those affected by the massive amounts of rain in that area. I also wanted to add, that people here in Uganda have seen the reports of flooding, and have been praying for people in the Untied States as well.

Some of my siblings had planned to go to the BYU game which was supposed to be held in Houston. This was planned a year ago. They ended up still flying to Houston, and then driving to New Orleans to watch the game. It was unsettling seeing their adventures while they were driving through the affected areas in Texas.

After the game, which was not good, some of them were able to go back to Houston and help muck a few houses before their flight left. I'm so proud of them for helping those in need. I have a brother in Alabama right now who is scheduled to work for several days in Texas as well, with his family. We are truly blessed when we serve others.

I already talked about the eclipse that happened in the United States, but it was so fun to get pictures of my two granddaughters helping each other to look at the sun and still be protected. Avery was at school during the eclipse, so after school she came home and told Addie all about it. All I can say is grandchildren are the best. I'm missing all three of them a lot today.

Back in Uganda, there are so many things that are so different here, but I'm getting used to the differences now. I decided I'd better take a few pictures as a reminder to myself when I go home. Uganda definitely has differences from the United States.

 This is one of our chapels in Lugazi. There are many chapels that look very similar to chapels in the US, but there are some that are in unexpected locations as well.

Driving down the road the other day, I saw the three little pigs on their way to a dinner appointment. They were alive and kicking. I really thought one of them would wiggle his way off the boda boda, but it didn't happen while I was watching.

Over the weekend, we took a trip to Gulu to change out the Branch Presidency of the Bardege Branch. We went with President Okello, who is in the mission presidency. President Collings and President Okello spent several hours Sunday morning interviewing Priesthood holders in the branch to try to understand the Lord's will.

The new branch presidency was called, sustained, and set apart. We had to leave right after they were set apart, because we had postponed a trip to Ethiopia for this. But President Okello spent the night in Gulu. He trained the branch presidency the rest of the evening on Sunday, and then met with them again Monday. It felt so good to have them really start out on the right foot. We are so grateful to have him in the mission presidency.

Monday we took about the quickest trip we have ever made to Ethiopia. We arrived Monday, had interviews and zone conference, and flew home Tuesday.

It was very nice as we got on the flight to Ethiopia to bump into one of the members of the branch presidency in the Debre Zeit branch! That doesn't happen very often.

The zone is doing very well together. They are working hard, and trying to build unity within the zone. The training was really good.

We also had zone conferences with Masaka Zone

Kampala North Zone

And Kampala Central Zone

Back to the United States. Two of President Collings' brothers and their families were in harms way as a wildfire came towards their homes last week. They were evacuated and had to wait it out in Grandma and Grandpa Collings home. I'm so relieved to know that they are all okay. The fire was a little too close for comfort. We are grateful that they were protected. They said at one point their kids prayed together that the winds would change and their houses would be saved. What a blessing that their homes were protected.

And now we are all waiting to see the effects of Hurricane Irma. It seems like half the nation is on fire and the other half is under water. It doesn't seem like we can do much from our home in Africa, but know that we are praying for our nation. Our missionaries are praying for the safety of their families, friends and loved ones as well. We are all just doing the best we can, and hoping that our family will be blessed for our service here.

One more fun tidbit. I have received the itinerary for my son's trip home. He just started his last transfer of his mission, and will be released on October 20th. I'm quite excited about this!! It was also fun to get a picture from the bishop of the ward where he is serving. That hasn't happened too many times since I came to Uganda. Feeling very blessed today.